Can your flashlight offer sixty thousand of the lumen with 1115 meters of beam distance? Does it have overheating protection or a cooling handle fan? If the answer is no, then the  Acebeam X70 tactical flashlight would be a perfect choice for you to get all these unique features altogether. The flashlight offers to take itself underwater, and surprisingly the light allows it up to ten meters. So let’s consider some essential features of this product, which I listed in this Acebeam X70 review article, to understand its qualities.Review of X70 Flashlight

Acebeam has an aircraft-grade aluminum body structure and premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. Moreover, the gadget supplies battery voltage with an LED color indicator. Anyone can use this rechargeable light without any hassle cause it serves as a carry handle, machining and, Knurling with which one can differentiate attributes of the light and develop the grip. Besides the strobe mode, you can get five different brightness modes and a warranty card with this device.

ACEBEAM X70 vs. IMALENT MS18: Brightest Flashlight Comparison

Max Brightness: 60000 Lumens 100000 Lumens
Max Distance: 1115 Meters 1350 Meters
Max Intensity: 311000cd 458000cd
Max Runtime: 24 hours 14 hours 52 minutes
Weight (With Battery): 1819g 1900g
Underwater submersible: 10 Meters 1 Meter
Battery: 8×18650 batteries 8×21700 batteries
LED Type:
  • 12 x CREE XHP70.2
  • One CREE XHP35
18 x CREE XHP70
Power Modes:
  • Turbo
  • High
  • Mid
  • Low
  • Ultra-Low
  • Strobe
  • Turbo
  • High III
  • High II
  • High I
  • Middle II
  • Middle I
  • Middle Low
  • Low
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Ultra Bright Rechargeable Flashlight- Acebeam X70 Review

Without considering essential features, it is not possible to make any decision on a product. Since there are many different products on the market, you can rely on this method to select the qualitative one. So let’s check the main characteristics.Acebeam X70 Flashlight Review

Brightness: Super Bright Flashlight

An Unprecedented matter of the Acebeam X70 tactical flashlight is that it is one of the brightest lights on the market, with 60000 lumens. There are few products that can illuminate as much. Though more lumen in a tiny space is not suitable for the eye, it bears the elegance of an ideal flashlight. The Acebeam supplies 60,000 lumens for nearly one minute, 25,000 lumens for 8 minutes, and 18,000 lumens for 50 minutes. With this quantity of lumens, you can get the chance to observe the scene more clearly and transparently. This can be the right choice for those who want to get a super illuminated light

Power Mode
Range Ultra~low Low Mid High Strobe Turbo
Lumens 625 3250 8000 25000~16000 10000 60000~18000
Time 24h 5h 2h 8min+48min 3h 30min 55s+50min
ECO Mode
Lumens 625 3250 8000 15000~11000 10000 35000~15000
Time 24h 5h 2h 40min+15min 3h 30min 2min+1h

Heat Control: The cooling fan requires extra power

Your flashlight can fail to supply brightness at any time because of excessive temperature. The outputs reduce the power of illumination due to extreme heat. The Acebeam serves you the feature of a built-in safety control circuit and a fan that cools the light from being excessively hot. The fan powered by a 18650 battery declines to overheat. So it is clear that this tactical light not only brightens you but also protects itself from being dissipated. X70 Flashlight Charging Port

Charging System: Not Super Fast!

You can charge the device effortlessly. With the help of a DC car charger or an AC charger, you can set the X70. The most exciting matter is that you can empower it fully within just three hours. The flashlight has a current of 2.5A while taking power. Even you are capable of getting notifications of power status through the indicator.Charging System of X70

Battery Indicator: Nice Feature

Another amazing aspect of the flashlight is that it provides a battery indicator also. With this brilliant feature, you will be able to observe voltage as well as power status. It is an important characteristic of a light cause. With this, one can know how many times the power will exist. Instantly a random or professional user can be prudent if the battery power remains low. 

The indicator indicates red light if the voltage is below 12V; it turns the gadget, red flashes when the voltage is 11.5V, and turns the power off when the voltage is below 10.5V. On the other hand, the fan battery indicator indicates red if the power is lost. On the contrary, it appears green when the battery remains in full strength. 

Advanced Feature: Strobe & Lock-out mode

With the X70 tactical flashlight, you can get a lock-out mode that assists you so that the light does not switch on accidentally. Moreover, you can use different ways of this feature according to your preference. 

If you want to go to the lock-out mode when the light is off, hold and press the switch for five seconds. Then the great flashlight will take itself at the ultra-low level. After that, it will be in the lock-out mode with final switching. Moreover, you can turn it in as before by repeating the process.

Design: Quite Heavy to Carry

Observing the exterior design, one can say whether the device is user-friendly or not. It is very crucial to have an adjustable and smooth gesture of the gadget. The Acebeam X70 high lumen light includes 1819 g of weight, 280.6 mm of length, 51 mm of body diameter, and 116 mm of head diameter. Furthermore, you can get an aluminum alloy with HAIII hard-anodized finish. It also contains a glass lens with ultra-clear tempered and anti-reflective coating that obtains a 98.3 percent light transmittance.

Performance: You can rely on

A potential buyer always wants a product that can maximize total utility. If a device can not ensure better quality, then a consumer never gets satisfied. With 6000 lm flex, the flashlight provides 311000 candelas of intensity and 1115 meters of throw. Even it Includes an XHP35 Hi to get more throws. Moreover, the Acebeam supplies a 5.18 CD/LM factor. So you can rely on the gadget confidently for qualitative and outstanding performance. X70 tactical flashlight

Waterproof: IPx8 Ratings

A waterproof device can provide you with more comfort in using it. The light might fall underwater when you want to implement a task near water. An EDC light should have the characteristic of a waterproof context. Furthermore, it has to work in many challenging situations in a tactical light. The users may protect a light with this feature on a rainy day or in a snowfall. Acebeam X70 Flashlight

The X70 contains an IP rating of IPx8. So you can say it is a waterproof gadget and it is going to save itself from water. On the other hand, you can go up to ten meters underwater with it. 

Rechargeable battery: Included

When a flashlight serves the opportunity of a rechargeable battery, then consumers feel more attracted to that product. This tactical flashlight offers Tailored rechargeable batteries of 8 x unique 18650 Li-Ion battery pack. The battery provides a safety control circuit and an overheating protection capacity.

Indicator Light Voltage
Red light constant on <12V
Red light flash <11.5V
Flashlight turns off <10.5V


Warning For User!

Brightest Flashlight- Acebeam X70 Pros and Cons

Let’s consider some positive and negative sides of the theAcebeam X70 tactical flashlight to achieve more knowledge. 

Pros Cons
  • The device has a super brightness of 60000 lumens.
  • You can enjoy waterproof gestures with the light.
  • It serves as the opportunity to get a rechargeable battery.
  • It allows an XHP35 Hi for getting more throws.
  • The X70 supplies a cooling fan to reduce the excessive temperature.
  • With Acebeam, it can be possible to experience lock-out mode.
  • The tactical flashlight is very comfortable and smooth to use.
  • It serves as a warranty card.
  • The X70 is comparatively expensive.
  • On the turbo mode, the battery life is concise.
  • It is challenging to get the switch in the dark cause the button is tiny.


Final Thought on Acebeam X70 Flashlight

The Acebeam X70 rechargeable flashlight is a very versatile product with all the brilliant and outstanding features. This light will make your daily life more comfortable and relaxed. When one wants to get any light, firstly and foremost, he keeps the concept of getting bright and precise illumination in his mind. Since the X70 ensures maximum lumens up to 60000, you can say it is one of the most glowing lights in the market with a 1,115-meter beam. In the dark, this flashlight assists you in implementing any challenging task with qualitative performances. So you can pick up this user-friendly device with trust.Acebeam X70 flashlight


No, it does not take much time. Instead, you can charge it in a short time. The device takes only three hours to get fully powered

According to the demand and requirement, one single device does not always fulfill the satisfaction level entirely. But this flashlight includes many outstanding features to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are a customer, you must consider all of this product’s sides. Then you have to synthesize all of the requirements and existing characteristics of the product to make a wise decision.

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