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SureFire VS Streamlight

One of the hottest debates for pistol lovers or shooters is choosing between Surefire or Streamlight flashlights. These two brands are famous for creating durable and high-quality flashlights. Most notably, they are re-known for their weapon lights which are some of the best if not the best in the market.

A good number of Surefire and Streamlight flashlights can be found on gun rails. These two brands have some special flashlights which can be attached directly to the rails and makes work easier for pistol users. All you need to do is to check and ensure that your pistol rail is compatible with the flashlight that you are buying. Some of the famous pistol lights from both Surefire and Streamlight are as follows: Streamlight TLR-1, Streamlight TLR-2, Streamlight Pro Tac HL, Surefire X-300, Surefire X-400, and Surefire fury p2x.

Comparison between some of the top Surefire Vs Streamlight flashlights

In this SureFire VS Streamlight post, we have decided to compare just a few flashlights from both brands with similar features. As it appears, most of the Surefire flashlights are slightly pricey when compared to Streamlight flashlights with similar features. But the final choice lies with you.

Streamlight polytac vs surefire g2


Streamlight polytac

Surefire g2

Brightness: 275 lumens 320 lumens
Beam Distance: 195 Meter  Meters
Maximum Runtime: 65hour (14 lumens) 45hour (15 lumens)
LED: 88850 PolyTac G2X Series
Weight: 4.2 ounces 4.5 ounce
Price: Check Price Check Price

Surefire X-300 Vs Streamlight TLR-1

First and foremost, we will look at and compare the Surefire X-300 and the Streamlight TLR-2. The X-300 flashlight is a high-performance flashlight constructed of aerospace aluminum.  In addition, it produces an excellent light with its maximum 600 Lumens. This is great for a weapon light. A few users have complained that this flashlight is extremely bright, but I think the brighter the light is the better. This can instantly blind an attacker and give you time to prepare or run away. Moreover, the TIR lens gives you a more focused beam that works amazingly to light up the distance. With the T-slot mounting system, connecting your handgun or long gun is made simple as long as it has a Picatinny rail.

The Streamlight TLR-1 is one of the brightest pistol lights on the market. It utilizes 800 Lumens which is enough to disorient an assailant for seconds. This will help you to run for safety or finish off the assailant. Also, it uses C4 LED technology, which is not only indestructible but as well produces white light. As long as your gun or pistol has a rail grip clamp system, this flashlight can be attached to it. Furthermore, the flashlight can shine brightly for 1.75 hours. This is a great flashlight for hunters and shooters.

Surefire X-400 Vs Streamlight TLR-2

In this second comparison, we take a look at the TLR-2 flashlight and the X-400 flashlight. The TLR-2 is an excellent light for those who are searching for an extremely bright pistol light complete with an aiming laser. With a maximum of 300 Lumens, this pistol light will provide you with great illumination. The flashlight uses C4 LED technology, which provides a throw of more than 100 feet away. It has a strobe mode, which can disorient an enemy, even from a distance. Also, the switch is easy to use as a single click provides you with momentary or constant-on.

For the X-400 flashlight, this is a versatile pistol light that offers the user with a wide range of lights. You can choose white light illumination, white light and laser, laser only, and total disablement. All of these settings can be easily accessed through the switch near the rear light. It has the 5 mW red laser sight that helps you to see well as you take aim. The T-lock mounting system keeps the flashlight in place and gives you an easy time aiming. The X-400 produces very bright light with a max of 600 Lumens which will leave the enemy blinded for some seconds or minutes before recovering.

Bottom line
From the above comparison between Surefire and Streamlight, it is clear that the major difference is the price. If you are looking for a powerful and reliable flashlight at an affordable price, then Streamlight is the best flashlight brand for you. Streamlight produces durable flashlights that last long. Also, they are able to withstand harsh surroundings and provide extremely bright light. But if you want to spend more to get the stylish Surefire flashlights, you can as well do so.

But in the end, these two brands offer similar features and they are almost identical. That’s why many people confuse them and get stuck between choosing one over the other. They are extremely bright and can easily disorient a criminal or attacker. Streamlight and Surefire flashlights offer some of the best pistol lights and they are compatible with various pistols mounting rails.

Use one of these flashlight brands to aim at your target or blind a thief or an attacker. With their sturdy construction, they are great tactical lights and can also be used by emergency responders, law enforcers, campers, and even hunters. They are built for tactical use and will survive in the cold or even rainfall.


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