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Imalent MS18 Review [Brightest 100000 Lumens Rechargeable Flashlight ]

Have you ever heard about any flashlight which serves a maximum output of up to 100,000 lumens? Or have you any flashlight that can provide a beam with 1350m distance, a brightness setting of eight different options, a sturdy outlook, or a rechargeable characteristic? If the answer is no, it can be the perfect time to disclose the product to you. So let’s check on key characteristics and some advantages as well as some disadvantages of this product through this Imalent ms18 review article.

Imalent MS18 is a flashlight that contains all of the features above. This outstanding product is considered the most bright and strongest flashlight in the market that can illuminate with 100000 lumens. This incredible gadget has the most extended beam, a built-in safety, self-testing intelligent charging circuit, a built-in thermal control module, and five years warranty. So in any critical condition, the device can protect you with its best service quality and super intelligent feature. 

Ultra-Powerful Built-in Cooling Flashlight Imalent MS18 Review in 2022

For any potential buyer, it is very crucial to judge a product before buying it. A rational buyer always tries to gain the maximum level of output with a maximum level of satisfaction. So it is mandatory to purchase something by considering the advantages and disadvantages

Extensive brightness 

If there arises any matter about brightness, then the Imalent MS18 can be the winner because this flashlight serves up to 100000 lumens. It means that the light is fifty times brighter than the average car headlights. So undoubtedly, this is the brightest flashlight ever in the market and you can buy it confidently

Wide beam 

Not only this extensive brightness but also this gadget serves a wide beam to its consumer. It provides a broader beam by which you can get illumination in a massive range of areas. The flashlight gives a 1350m beam distance of a whopping. 


This tactical flashlight serves as an excellent throw. At five meters, it provides a complete 350000 cd or 30Kcd. On the other hand, you can get a complete 370000 cd or 370 Kcd at ten meters.  So it is proven the light has excellent quality and brilliant performance.

The battery system of Imalent MS18

MS18 contains a high-performed and eight-cell 21700 Samsung 40T battery pack with a 19V 2A (38W) power supply. So it can be possible with this torch to be charged fully within 4.5 hours only. This characteristic of the flashlight will save you time. Moreover, you will not feel any obsessive heat during the charging period.

Indicator Lights

If your flashlight offers you any indicator light, then when the power goes out, you can easily find out where the power button is located. This feature can guide you when you want to know the location immediately in a critical situation.

So you do not need to search the power button blindly in the dark. Not only that, but the device gives you the chance to know about the battery life. This flashlight displays the measurement of lumens you are using. Moreover, the indicator assists you in understanding the appropriate portion of the light that should be used, based on the situation. 

Self-Cooling feature

Sometimes the temperature of the flashlight may rise gradually because of using it at a high level of brightness. In that time, the light can reach the previous position cause it contains the facility of thermal control. Without this feature, the longevity of the battery can fall. 

Imalent MS18 has the capability to make itself cool again. By controlling the entire process, this tool denies taking dangerous overheating and declines the outputs. It ensures the long-lasting running time of the electronic parts and the LED.

Switch Selecting Level

It will be a discredit of light if the user can not switch the light off or on easily. You can instantly turn the torchlight on with an easy and comfortable process that is only a simple click. If you want to turn the switch off, then you have to keep the button pressed. 

Imalent ms18 Has Multiple Brightness Settings

Imalent MS18 provides multiple brightness settings. It contains eight unique options: lower, mid-lower, mid 1, mid 2, high 1, high 2, high3, and turbo. The brightness in lumen of lower, middle lower, middle 1, middle 2, high 1, high 2, high3 and turbo are 700, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 22,000, 25,000 – 30,000, 25,000 – 60,000 and 25,000 – 100,000 respectively. On the contrary, and per minutes battery life of lower, middle lower, middle 1, middle 2, high 1, high 2, high3 and turbo are 892, 555, 410, 220,67, 63.8, 56 and 53 respectively.

Memory Mode and  Lock-out

This flashlight can recall the previous model except for the strobe and the turbo levels. On the other hand, you can quickly unlock the interface by pressing the power button five times in a row. These two features are unique to keep your comfort and security.

Five Year Warranty and Customer Support

A warranty and good customer care service raise the acceptance of a product. A consumer can trust a product if it serves the opportunity of any contact. This flashlight offers a five years warranty and excellent customer service. In any issue on the product, you can ask for help from the customer service authority. Over phone calls or via email, you can contact them. This brilliant feature increases the reliability of consumers on the Imalent product. After reading the review of Imalent ms18, let’s check some pros and cons of this product

What we like about this product

  • This flashlight is the brightest among all the flashlights in the market.
  • It is a fully rechargeable device that you do not have to buy another charger for this.
  • The tool can save power.
  • Imalent MS18 contains multiple brightness settings.
  • It has a self-cooling feature that can be cool automatically.
  • You can get an indicator with this flashlight.
  • The torchlight is famous for its wide beam.
  • MS18 has an IP-56 standard. So it includes waterproof characteristics.


  • Like Acebeam X70, Imalent MS18 is very big to carry. 
  • This flashlight is not stable. 

Our Final Thought on Imalent MS18 Light

With this flashlight, you can enjoy a perfect measurement of illumination. You do not need to buy another battery cause this flashlight is rechargeable, and it can save more power also. When you are on a Fishing trip, Camping, Hiking at night, or a Cave exploration, this light will assist you with better performance and qualitative characteristics. With an extended beam and excellent throw, the MS18 can be an ideal tactical flashlight for you.