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Fenix UC35 Review 2020: USB Rechargeable 960 Lumen Flashlight

When you open my everyday carry backpack, you will get a Multitool, mobile phone, a tactical pen, folding knife, and a Fenix UC35 flashlight. These are items that I feel I must have with me wherever I go to. In this Fenix UC35 review, we have elaborated on the UC35 flashlight so that you can know more about it.

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Similar to many tactical flashlights, the UC35 is built for tough use and that’s why it can resist water and impact. This flashlight is built for law enforcers, hikers, campers, military personnel, and for general use.

Technical Features of the Fenix UC35 flashlight


Fenix uc35

Maximum Brightness: 960 lumens
Minimum Brightness: 14 Lumens
Maximum Run-time: 150 hours (14 lumens)
Minimum Run-time: 1 hour & 30 minutes (960 lumens)
Beam Distance: 200 Meters
Modes: 3 (14, 50, 180, 480, 960 lm)
Battery include: Yes (Two CR123A Lithium & 3200mAh rechargeable battery)
LED: Cree XM-L2 (U2)
Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum
Waterproof standard: IPX-8 (Underwater 2 meters)
Length: 150 mm
Weight: 126 grams
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USB Rechargeable Fenix UC35 Review 2020

The sturdily constructed Fenix UC35 lighting is a reliable flashlight with a very bright light. It is made of an aircraft grade aluminum body with a dual control system.
Just like other Fenix lighting products, the UC35 LED flashlight is powerful, bright, uses rechargeable batteries, and comes with a warranty. Read its features and benefits below.

Detail Features of the Fenix UC35 LED flashlight

  • Maximum of 960 Lumens
  • Tactical tail switch with momentary-on function
  • Side switch
  • Uses Cree XM-L2 LED with a lifespan of 50, 000 hours
  • Low-power warning function
  • Waterproof up to IPX8 rating
  • Impact resistance up to one meter

Benefits and shortcomings of the Fenix UC5 LED flashlight

The first thing to look for in a flashlight is its durability. After all, you will be carrying it on a daily basis. Flashlights are used in the toughest of situations and are more likely to drop or crash during use.  Therefore, it is important that you purchase a sturdily built flashlight.

The Fenix UC35 is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum. This is a durable and lightweight material. It can defy the hardships of tactical life and it is not a burden to carry. Moreover, the light is made of a premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. The toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating protects the LED from being spoiled. This is the top selling light like the Fenix pd35 flashlight.
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If you are a person who works in dark areas or love to come home late, then you need a very bright light. The Fenix UC35 rechargeable flashlight produces a very powerful light with its maximum 960 Lumens. Also, the beam covers a maximum distance of 200 meters. You just have to select from the 5 different brightness levels offered which include eco, low, medium, high, and turbo light modes. These are all produced by the powerful and indestructible Cree XM-L2 (U2) LED. It has a maximum lifespan of 50, 000 hours.

Rechargeable or not?

When you use the flashlight more often, you will have to recharge or replace the battery. Rechargeable flashlight always better than non-rechargeable flashlight. Hence, it’s better to have a reliable light like the Fenix UC35. This flashlight has a long run time of 150 hours. On turbo mode, the flashlight can last for a maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes.  When the battery is low, the low-voltage warning function will remind you from blinking. It is in the form of a red indicator which flashes when the battery gets below 33%. There are various types of batteries to use. You can either insert one 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or two 3V CR123A lithium batteries.
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Similar to many tactical lights, the Fenix UC35 is a great tool for having in the hour of need. Its tough construction can be used to heat an assailant. Also, it comes with a strobe mode, which is used to disorient enemies before you can run away. If you are an emergency responder, you can use the SOS mode. In addition, the SOS mode can be used when you are lost and want to be found. Such features make tacticians and outdoor enthusiasts to love this flashlight.

Polarity Protection!

In the past, flashlights came with just a handful of features. But today’s flashlights have a wide range of features as we are about to see with the Fenix UC35 rechargeable light. The UC35 has reverse polarity protection that guards the light against bad battery placement. Your flashlight will never be damaged even if you insert the battery in the opposite way. Furthermore, it has a digitally regulated output, which maintains constant brightness. Another outstanding feature of the UC35 flashlight is the over-heat protection. This avoids the flashlight to get very hot as it adjusts the light to a lower mode.

Tactical tail switch

Whether you are used to tactical flashlights or you’re just a novice, using this light shouldn’t be a problem at all. The Fenix UC35 has a tactical tail switch and side switch. The tactical tail switch comes with a momentary-on function and it is located in the tail cap. While the side switch is found on the head of the flashlight. To use this light, start by inserting the batteries in the battery compartment and then, press the tactical tail switch. The light will turn on and you can use the side switch to cycle through the different light modes. With its anti-slip and anti-roll design, the flashlight will stay firm in your hands during use.

Waterproof & Resistant

Using a flashlight outdoors can be very challenging. This is because a person is faced with bad weather conditions like rain. Also, the flashlight is more likely to fall and crash or even encounter dust and a cold or hot environment. Check Price

Thus, acquiring a durable and highly rated light like UC35 is important. The UC35 LED flashlight is rated with IPX8. This means that it can be immersed underwater for 30 seconds up to 2 meters. Also, it is impact resistant up to 1 meter. So, you can drop it several times and it will still function.

Use as EDC light

It is important that you keep your most precious EDC item safe and secure. Even though the UC35 960 Lumen flashlight is durable, you still have to ensure that it is kept safe after use.

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Brand Reputation

Fenix is a top brand and a favorite of many. This is because the brand is known for its quality, powerful, and sturdy flashlights. They have various flashlights on offer and UC35 is one of them. Besides offering quality flashlights, the brand has great customer support and they care about their clients. For instance, the Fenix UC35 has a lifetime limited warranty. This means that you will always get support from the brand as long as you don’t tamper with the warranty terms.

This powerful and sturdy LED light from Fenix has all the aspects of powerful and tactical light. It uses a powerful Cree XM-L2 LED that is indestructible and will work for more than 50, 000 hours. When you are in a very dark place, the light will provide you with an overwhelming brightness with its 960 Lumens. The light beam covers more than 200 meters, which is amazing. The aircraft-grade aluminum body is rated as an IPX8 waterproof rating. With such specs, this is a quality light to have with you for any unexpected outcome.
The light comes with a holster for easy and secure storage. Apart from that, it has a pocket clip that you can attach to your belt or even pocket. And still, if you want to keep it away from ogling eyes, you can keep it in your pocket as it is compact and lightweight. Always keep the flashlight secure if you’re not using it so that it can last longer. Still, have a question after reading this Fenix UC35 Review? Comment below.


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