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Klarus XT11S Review 2022: Improved 1100 lumen flashlight

The tough and versatile Klarus xt11s flashlight is ideal for law enforcers, hunters, emergency responders, military personnel, and outdoor users. It is powered by a rechargeable 18650 battery, which can offer constant light for 260 hours. The 1100 Lumen light offers an extremely bright light that reaches over 330 meters. This is wonderful for hunting, combat, or hiking. You will be able to see the animal you are hunting from a distance and take quick action. You can also check the best selling Klarus flashlight list in his post. So, Why buy Klarus XT11S flashlight? Read this Klarus XT11S review to know more about this light.

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The Klarus XT11S offers the user with features such as the battery capacity indicator, smart ITS temperature control system, and reverse polarity protection for great performance. Moreover, the flashlight is rated as IPX8 waterproof and can resist impact of up to 1 meter. All these features make this flashlight to be reliable and outstanding in performance.

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Technical Features of the Klarus XT11S flashlight


Klarus XT11S

Maximum Brightness: 1100 lumens
Minimum Brightness: 10 Lumens
Maximum Run-time: 260 hours (10 lumens)
Minimum Run-time: 2 hours (1100 lumens)
Beam Distance: 330 Meters
Lighting Modes: 4 (10, 100, 400, 1100 lm)
Flashing Modes: 2 (100, 1100 lm)
Switch: 2 (Side & Tail switch)
Battery include: Yes (rechargeable 18650)
Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum
Waterproof standard: IPX-8
Reverse Polarity Option: Yes
Length: 139 mm
Weight: 115 grams
USB charging cable: Yes
Price: Klarus XT11S ReviewCheck Today’s Price

Main Features and details Klarus xt11s review 2021

  • 6 brightness settings with two flashing modes
  • Aerospace grade aluminum alloy construction
  • Uses Cree XP-L HI V3 LED
  • Lock-out function
  • Direct recharging function with a micro-USB
  • Dual tactical tail switch and side switch
  • Battery capacity indicator
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Smart ITS temperature control system
  • Waterproof up to IPX8 standards
  • Impact resistant up to 1 meter
  • Klarus 5 year warranty

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Benefits of using the xt11s LED flashlight

  1. It has 3 programmable user settings for versatile use

This is a versatile LED light that comes with 3 programmable settings. The user can choose from one of these settings depending on their needs.
klarus xt11s 1100 lumen tactical flashlightCheck Today’s Price

They include the classical tactical setting with straight to strobe/instant turbo/instant low-light, outdoor setting with instant turbo/instant low-light/no strobe for the tail switch, and tactical assault setting with instant turbo & straight to strobe.

  1. Sturdy construction

The XT11S tactical flashlight is a strongly built LED light that can be relied on for over a long period of time. Its body is made of aerospace aluminum alloy which is sturdy and lightweight. This metal will defy hardships to provide long-term use.

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  1. 6 light modes with two special modes

If you want a light for hunting, combat, hiking, law enforcement, and outdoor activities, this flashlight will deliver. The 6 light modes offer the user with different lighting options. The flashlight can be used as a defensive weapon with the strobe mode. Also, it can be used for emergencies or to just light a dark area or path.

  1. Provides excellent brightness

With a maximum of 1100 Lumens, this is a very powerful and bright LED flashlight. The maximum beam reaches up to 330 meters and it has a maximum runtime of 260 hours.  This beam distance much better than the klarus xt11gt. Although, this light brightness 2000 lumens but XT11GT beam distance 316 meters only. The run time is determined by the type of light mode you use. For all your outdoor needs, this super bright light will provide you with the maximum brightness that you need.

  1. Easy to use interface

The flashlight has an easy to use interface. It comprises of a tactical dual tail cap switch and a side switch. The side switch is for cycling through the different light modes and it has a lock-out feature that prevents accidental lighting on. Also, the flashlight can be operated with just one hand.

  1. Has a smart ITS temperature control system

This feature monitors the internal temperature of the flashlight and auto-adjusts the light modes to ensure safe and optimum performance is maintained. Your light will never be extremely hot.

  1. Easy to recharge

First of all, the battery level indicator will let you know if the battery is low. Then, you can recharge the flashlight by connecting it to the USB cable. The recharging process is quick and convenient.
klarus xt11s flashlightCheck Today’s Price

Actually, it can recharge any 18650 rechargeable batteries with PCB protection. Just ensure that you cover the micro-USB port after use so that dust or water doesn’t get into it. If you want to buy the best 18650 flashlight then you should consider this light.

  1. Waterproof and impact resistant

If you intend to use this flashlight in bad weather such as rain or in dusty places, it will still function well. This is because it has a waterproof rating of IPX8 and also it is impact resistant up to one meter. Furthermore, the flashlight is corrosion proof.

Shortcomings of the xt11s flashlight

The micro-USB charging port is not very durable as it fails to recharge after some time.
This is a complaint that has been addressed by a number of users. Ensure that you keep the micro-USB port in tip-top condition and away from dust and water.

Final Overview

With such a great built and great performance, the Klarus XT11S flashlight is a light best suited for tactical and outdoor use. This is the reason why many military personnel and law enforcers love this light. Besides providing very bright light, the flashlight can defy all tough outdoor conditions and function in different weather conditions. Its beam covers a great distance of 330 meters and this means that you will be able to see your enemy from a distance. Also, when hunting, you can add a green or red filter for great success. Still, have a question after reading this Klarus XT11S review? Comment below.


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