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Thrunite TN12 Review [Pocket EDC Flashlight]

If you are looking for a quality tactical flashlight, then look no further than the Thrunite TN12 LED light. This is a portable flashlight that can be used for your everyday lighting needs as well as outdoor activities. It can be used for hunting, walking the dog, hiking, and shooting during a blackout. The TN12 is a lightweight flashlight and very portable. Due to its size, keeping it when not in use is easy. Simply slip it in your pockets, backpack, or mount it on your gun. Read this Thrunite TN12 Review to know more about this.

The Thrunite TN12 that I am reviewing in this post is the 2016 model. This is an improvement of the Thrunite 2011 TN10 flashlight model and functions more efficient, but they have similar features. The sturdy construction of this light, together with its easy-to-use features, make be a tactical light. To power on this flashlight, you can either use one rechargeable 18650 battery or the CR123A battery.

Technical Features of the Thrunite TN12 Tactical Flashlight:


ThruNite TN12

Maximum Brightness: 1100 lumens
Minimum Brightness: 0.4 lumens
Maximum run-time: 74 days
Minimum run-time: 95 minutes
Peak beam intensity: 12800 cd.
Max beam distance: 226 meters
Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum
Battery Type: 1*18650 /2*CR123 batteries.
Dimension: 143mm
Weight: 86g
Modes:  Firefly, Low, Medium, High, and Turbo.
Battery Include: No
Price: Thrunite TN12 Review Check Price

I highly recommend this flashlight as it has helped me out on several occasions, like changing my tire and walking the dog in the evening. It is reliable and very efficient in performance.

Thrunite TN12 LED flashlight Review 2022

Sturdy construction

This is one of those lights that can be relied on even in the toughest of conditions. Made of an aircraft-grade aluminum body, the TN12 is very durable than cheap Nebo Slyde Flashlights and can serve you for many years. It has a premium type III hard-anodized finish anti-abrasive finish that prevents the flashlight from corroding. The Ultra-clear glass lens not only helps the flashlight to produce a clear light but also to protects the indestructible LED bulb inside. Also, the smooth reflector ensures that the flashlight offers an excellent beam. All these features make the TN12 LED light to be sturdy and reliable.

Easy operation

Despite its sturdy construction, this flashlight can be operated with much ease. It has two switches. One is for turning on the flashlight, and the second one is for changing the light modes. The first switch is the tail cap switch, and it is used for switching on/off the flashlight. The second switch is the stainless steel side switch for cycling through different light modes. Turn on the light by pressing the tail switch gently for momentary-on or until it clicks to switch the light on. Press again in order to switch the light off. When the light is on, press the side switch to access the 5 different modes.

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Powerful flashlight

One of the features that separate this Thrunite flashlight from other flashlights of its caliber is that it has a wide range of light modes. Most of the flashlights, including Streamlight ProTac HL or Nitecore P12GT lights, have three, but this flashlight surpasses this. It has firefly mode, low mode, medium mode, high mode, max mode, and strobe. Below are the different light modes, together with their Lumens and runtime.

Firefly mode – uses 0.4 Lumens and 74 days runtime
Low mode – uses 18 Lumens and 5.5 days runtime
Medium mode – uses 175 Lumens and 11.8 hours runtime
High mode – uses 435 Lumens and 3.8 hours runtime
Max mode – uses 1100 Lumens and 95-minute runtime
Strobe mode – 1100 Lumens and 3.8 hours runtime

At 1100 maximum Lumen, you can be certain that this flashlight will clearly light your path as you walk, run or even jog. The various light modes allow you to have total control over the flashlight and use it according to the needs at hand. The firefly mode is great for reading the map or a book. Strobe mode is for disorienting the enemy, and it should not be turned on for long.

With the powerful Cree XP-L V6 LED bulb with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, you can be guaranteed to always get bright light. You can also select either cool white or natural white.

ThruNite TN12 2016 1100 Lumen FlashlightCheck Price

Tactile light

Do you intend to use this flashlight in a snowy area, underwater, or in a dusty place? Worry not, as the TN12 1100 Lumen light will still deliver. It has a waterproof rating of IPX8, which means that it can be immersed in water for up to 2 minutes for 30 minutes. IPX8 rating made this flashlight more durable than the Coast HP7 EDC lights.  In case you drop this flashlight accidentally, it will survive drops of up to 1.5 meters from the ground. Also, the thick head makes the flashlight to be drop-resistant.

Powered by one 18650 battery

After using different batteries, I have come to love flashlights with 18650 batteries. This is a rechargeable battery and powers the light for over a long period of time. The TN12 uses this rechargeable battery. Alternatively, you can use the CR123A battery. Moreover, this powerful rechargeable flashlight has reverse polarity protection that prevents you from inserting the battery the wrong way.

Wide usage

Whether you are looking for a flashlight for hunting, hiking, walking the dog, blackouts, shooting, or general home use, the TN12 LED flashlight will still deliver. It is light and good for camping, too. You can remove the head and have a floodlight.

Easy storage

If you are not using the flashlight, you can keep it in your backpack, attach it to your pocket, or keep it in the purse. It weighs 3 pounds, and this is not a burden to carry.

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Reliable brand

Thrunite is among the best flashlight brands on the market. It has a motto, “Thrunite, Guiding you through the night,” which stands for the aim of the company to come up with better products at affordable prices.

Summary: Why should I choose the ThruNite TN12 flashlight?

  • Thicken light head
  • Powered by one 18650 rechargeable flashlight battery
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Maximum of 1100 Lumens
  • Uses Cree XP-L V6 LED light
  • 5 light modes and strobe mode
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • Premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Smooth reflector
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Tail switch and side switch
  • Pocket clip and lanyard
  • IPX8 waterproof rated
  • Impact-resistant up to 1.5 meters

Cons of Thrunite TN12 LED flashlight

Poor customer service – a good number of customers attempt to reach Thrunite, but they are not able to do so. Like Fenix flashlight brand, this is a Chinese firm, and they don’t have a base in the US. So, reaching them is a bit challenging, and they take ages to respond.

The switch is not very durable – many users have complained about the switch spoiling quickly or being loose.
The flashlight gets hot – when you turn on the turbo mode or strobe mode for long, the flashlight becomes hot.

Final Verdicts

After looking at the features, benefits, and setbacks of the TN12 flashlight, we can definitely agree that it is one of the best EDC flashlights. It is sturdily constructed to withstand the tough outdoor conditions. In addition, it can resist dropping of up to 1.5 meters, and it has a waterproof rating of IPX8. The maximum of 1050 Lumens offers very bright light and covers a wide range. Its small size and lightweight design make carrying it to be seamless and convenient to many.

So, if you are looking for an EDC flashlight that provides you with powerful lights and can be used for a wide range of activities, then the TN12 1050 LED flashlight is a great choice. Still, have a question after reading this ThruNite TN12 Reviews article? Comment below