Surefire Stiletto vs. Stiletto Pro FlashlightWith the Surefire Stiletto, you can experience an entirely slim and smooth profile. The light is considered one of the most popular EDC lights in the market. With an exceptional flatter as well as broader gesture, the light is very comfortable to bear and hold. So throughout this Surefire stiletto review, you can get a clear idea between the features the light has and the requirements that you measure. This amazing device allows an LED fuel Gauge that makes it easy tracking of the battery status. It is possible to get a wide flood beam with the tactical flashlight through its max vision beam reflector, and high-performance LED characteristics.

Moreover, when operating the white light as a fighting element, the Surefire Stiletto has a rear tactical switch that operates a tactical strobe and high outputs. So it is apparent that with this tactical light, you can utilize your consumption. This brilliant Surefire light can be an ideal choice for any kind of daily operation.  

MICRO-USB Rechargeable Surefire Stiletto Flashlight Review

Let’s consider the main aspects of the Surefire Stiletto tactical flashlight to get a transparent conception of the tactical flashlight.

Outstanding and exceptional design

The broad but slim figure of a device makes you free to carry it anywhere and at any time. The Surefire Stiletto contains a unique gesture with an extraordinary design. The design makes the light more attractive and easy to use. You can place it in your pocket and can have a comfortable grip to hold it.

Water resistance

Since a tactical light has a great responsibility to adjust to every situation, it is necessary to have a water resistance context on the tactical flashlight. This characteristic makes the light more reliable and demanding.

You can enjoy the water-resistance feature with this Surefire cause it has an IP  rating of IPX7 and has a Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum body. The tactical tool can sink one meter under the water for thirty minutes. 

MaxVision LED and High-Performance

A wide flood beam allows you to appear in a broader range of sight in the dark. You can think of a flashlight as ideal when it can provide illumination clearly and extendedly. This Surefire Stiletto serves a wide flood beam via MaxVision Beam reflector and High-performance LED. This feature will be very advantageous in situational consciousness. Surefire Stiletto Flashlight

Programmable and Rechargeable aspects

The light is only 2.8 ounces and 4.5 inches long, so it can be very straightforward to handle. You can choose the measurement of lumens according to your requirement instantly cause the device programs this process from low to high or vice versa. Quickly you can reach 5 lumens, 250 lumens, or 650 lumens with the device without any trouble. 

For situational consciousness, the light allows a wide flood beam also. With a rugged polymer body, the light has a tail-mounted tactical switch. This switch maintains the strobe mode. 

Primary Switch of Surefire Stiletto EDC Flashlight

The Surefire Stiletto tactical flashlight offers two switches. Each switch is programmed with two different modes. Between them, one is called the primary switch. It is located overhead the body of the light. When pressing within two seconds, the switch cycles from low to medium and medium to high mode.

Moreover, the primary switch can rotate the process from high to medium and then from medium to high. So it swiftly takes you 650 lumens to 250 lumens or the down mode of 5 lumens. And with another press, you can turn the light off. You have to remember that Surefire does not retain the last output level. 

Tactical Switch

Between the two switches, the other one is called a tactical switch, located on the end of the body of the device. Since the tactical switch has two different modes, you can reach a high level of lumens with the first mode. To go to this level, you have to press and hold the switch. 

If you need to turn it off, then free the pressed switch. Furthermore, to go to the strobe level, you must press the button more than three times and hold it down. As usual, make the button free to turn the light off.

Surefire Stiletto Features Programming Switch

The Fuel Gauge LED can illuminate blue if you press and hold the programming switch for two to five seconds. While it appears blue, keep holding down the controller and instantly push and then free the primary or the tactical button. If the mode changing is successful, then the fuel gauge will blink three times as green. On the contrary, if any disturbance arises, the fuel gauge will show red.

Robust pocket clip for quick access

This is a significant feature for a tactical flashlight to have such an accessory that makes it more robust and compact. You can get a heavy-duty pocket clip like the Surefire Titan plus LED light. The pocket clip keeps the tactical flashlight secured. Besides this, with the help of the clip, the torchlight can be instantly available. 

Performance and Quality

This fabulous Surefire Stiletto has switches based on three categories. It includes a non-removable and Integrated Micro-USB rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. The total charging hour that takes the device is just three hours. On the other hand, the light has an LED Fuel Gauge to measure the battery status. The Surefire Stiletto has a peak beam intensity of 1530 candelas.

It offers 78 meters or 255 feet of max usable distance. With the EDC light, you can get a length of 4.45 inches, max-width of 1.6 inches, and bezel diameter of 0.8 inches

Let’s compare some benefits and detriments of the EDC flashlight below the Surefire Stiletto review section to achieve a precise and transparent conception of the tactical flashlight.



Surefire Stiletto vs. Stiletto Pro: Key Differences

Comparison Stiletto Stiletto Pro
Max Brightness:
  • High: 1000 lumens
  • Medium: 300 lumens
  • Low: 25 lumens
  • High: 650 lumens
  • Medium: 250 lumens
  • Low: 5 lumens
Run Time:
  • High: 1.75 hour
  • Medium: 2 Hour
  • Low: 30 hour
  • High: 1 hour
  • Medium: 1.5 Hour
  • Low: 23.5 hour
Material: Plastic Aluminum
Weight: 2.8 ounces 4.3 ounces
Package Included: SFRPLRA Flashlight, Manual, Sticker, USB cord,
Price: High Medium

Final Overview on Surefire Stiletto Flashlight

With the most exceptional design, you can get the most brilliant characteristics in this Surefire Stiletto EDC light. It benefits the users by providing some charming features of the light. This fantastic gadget makes the consumer’s life more comfortable and easy. You can carry the tactical light for any purpose. Even the torchlight allows you to work at the waterside because it is a water resistance device. Your daily work will be faster, and you can raise the maximum satisfaction level with this Stiletto. So be confident to grab it. 


Can I remove the clip entirely?

Yes, why not? You can remove the clip entirely. With the device, you can get two screws that have heads. The heads seem like the stars. The screws are holding the hook. So it is elementary to deduct the clip from the device. 

Can I get a waterproof gesture with the Surefire Stiletto?

Obviously, you can experience Surefire Stiletto with the waterproof context. It has achieved IPX7, which makes itself waterproof. The EDC light offers to go one meter underwater for thirty minutes. 

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