Getting a reliable and powerful flashlight is not an easy thing. But with the Surefire 6PX Pro flashlight, you can be certain that you will get both of those features in a single flashlight. It is one of the oldest flashlight brands, and Surefire offers some of the best flashlights on the market. Their flashlights are made with the user in mind, and thus they are very user-friendly. The brand also offers a limited lifetime warranty on its flashlights; hence you can fully rely on them. Read this Surefire 6PX Pro Review to know more about this product.

The Surefire 6PX Pro flashlight is a compact and sturdy light with amazing features. It is easy to keep or hold in your hand. Though it is not a rechargeable flashlight, the 600 lumens flashlight is made of a durable aerospace aluminum body with a mil-spec hard-anodized surface for extra durability. As a result, it has the ability to resist abrasion, scratches, and even water.

Surefire 6PX Pro Compact Tactical Flashlight Review in 2023

The 6PX Pro LED flashlight is also compact and extremely bright. The dual-output tail cap clicky switch makes operating the unit to be easy and fast. It also has an anti-roll body that will prevent the flashlight from rolling when it accidentally falls on the ground. With the indestructible LED emitter, this is a flashlight you can depend on even in the toughest conditions.

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So, whether you live in an area where blackouts are rampant or just want a reliable light for your outdoor activities, you will find the Surefire 6PX Pro to be an excellent flashlight for you. It runs on two CR123A batteries, which provide a long runtime. Read our review to know more about the 6PX Pro’s features, pros, and cons.

Technical Features

Features Surefire Tactical Flashlight – 6PX Pro
Maximum Brightness: 600LM
Maximum runtime: 52 hours
Minimum runtime: 2 hours
Switch: Dual-output tail cap click switch
LED: Virtually indestructible LED emitter
Body: Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
Battery Type: 2x CR123A batteries
Dimension: 10 x 1.5 x 4 inches
Weight: 7.2 ounces
Rechargeable: No
Battery Include: Yes
Price: Surefire 6PX Pro Review Check Price

Summary of Contents

How durably is the Surefire 6PX Pro constructed?

Before we start the Surefire 6PX Pro review, first and foremost, the Surefire 6PX Pro is strongly constructed from a high-strength aerospace aluminum body with a mil-spec hard-anodized surface for extreme durability. This means that you can use it in the toughest conditions without having to worry about anything. In addition, it made this flashlight more durable than the affordable Coast HP7 or Nebo Slyde flashlight. The flashlight won’t crash if it accidentally falls on the ground, as it is impact-resistant. In addition, it is sealed with a Weatherproof-O-ring and gasket. These prevent water or dust from entering the flashlight.

The tail cap switch made it easy to operate

One of the best features of this flashlight is that it can be operated using one hand, as it features a dual-output tail cap switch. Simply press the switch for a momentary-on low, then press for constant-on low, return to off, then press or click again to access high mode.

Extremely bright light

Many flashlight users have a huge worry that it doesn’t penetrate the dark very well and covers a small area. However, despite being compact in design, the Surefire 6PX Pro flashlight produces a very bright light than the Surefire G2X Pro lightweight 600 Lumen flashlight. The light is enough to light an entire room or even blind an enemy for some seconds.

Surefire 6PX ProCheck Price

A powerful LED emitter is better than a filament

Featuring the virtually indestructible LED emitter, this flashlight will last for a very long period of time without having to change the bulb or its spoiling. This is not like a filament where impact and other stress on the flashlight can cause it to break or be dysfunctional. In addition, the LED emitter will maximize light output and runtime.

Emit smooth and optimized beam

Apart from having an indestructible LED emitter, the flashlight also comes with a precision micro-textured reflector that creates a smooth and optimized beam. As a result, the user is able to have a bright light that reaches far and covers a wider area. Also, Surefire has an attractive outlook compared to Streamlight flashlights.

What is the hard bezel feature?

Do you intend to use this flashlight for defense? No worries. This flashlight comes with an aluminum bezel head that can be used to hit an assailant or break glass. Additionally, the high mode with 6000 Lumens can be used to disorient an attacker before hitting them with the bezel head.

Is the light firmly grip able?

In case of an ambush or when the hands are wet, holding some flashlights can be very challenging. But this is not the case with the Surefire 6PX Pro LED light, as it comes with an ergonomic design body for easy handling. So the light won’t slip from your fingers as you run or perform your activities.

Is the 6PX Pro a compact, pocket-fit light?

Whether it is camping or just hiking, the 6PX Pro flashlight will still deliver excellent results without being a burden. This is because it is lightweight, as it weighs 5.2 ounces, and it also measures 5.20 inches, with the bezel being 1.25 inches. Just slip the flashlight into your pocket or backpack as you leave for the trip. So if you want a sturdy and more durable flashlight, then you must go for the Surefire 6PX Pro flashlight over the Surefire G2X Pro.

What type of battery does the Surefire 6PX Pro require?

Unlike AA or AAA battery flashlights, which get depleted very first, this flashlight utilizes 2x CR123A batteries. These batteries are very powerful, with a 10-year shelf life. So the flashlight will give you excellent battery life. So, when you switch them to low mode, they will provide you with at least 50 hours of use and 1.5 hours on high mode. This flashlight can be used for various purposes, with a maximum of 320 lumens on a high beam and a minimum of 15 lumens on a low beam.

Is it waterproof?

This flashlight comes sealed with Weatherproof-O-ring and gasket. These prevent things like water and dust from entering the flashlight. Moreover, the flashlight is abrasion and scratch-resistant, thanks to the Mil-spec hard-anodized surface for extra protection.

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The reason why I recommend the SureFire 6PX Pro LED Flashlight is:

Cons of the SureFire 6PX Pro Tactical:

Overall Verdict

Overall, the Surefire 6PX Pro is a solidly built flashlight that will not disappoint you in your hour of need. This compact and lightweight EDC flashlight will provide you with enough light to perform your duties well, and it runs on 2x CR123A batteries. In the high mode, the light will last at least 2 hours, while in the low mode, it can run for 50 hours. It is also indestructible and can resist harsh outdoor environments as it is impact, abrasion, and water-resistant. Its durable water-proof body makes this flashlight ideal for hunting, fishing, security, and hiking.

This is a good everyday light that you can easily slip into your pockets or bag as you go about your activities. I hope you’ve found this Surefire 6PX Pro review to be helpful.


Question: Does this flashlight come with a warranty?
Answer: Yes, it does. As a matter of fact, Surefire provides a lifetime warranty to its clients. So, in case your product becomes defective in material or workmanship, you will have it replaced or repaired as long as you’re registered with them.

Question: Are the 2x CR123A batteries included in the purchase?
Answer: Yes, they are. Unlike other flashlight brands like Peakplus, which sells flashlights and batteries separately, you will get both the batteries and the flashlight when you purchase this LED flashlight. Therefore, you don’t have to incur extra charges when purchasing this flashlight, as it comes complete and ready for use.

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