Does your tactical flashlight offer you optimal and satisfactory brightness in any problematic situation? If not, then you can get a high output of 1500 lumens with the surefire fury Intellibeam tactical flashlight. Because of having this brilliant characteristic, you can call this light bright enough. On the other hand, this flashlight offers a long runtime so that you can save your energy, time, and money. Moreover, with excellent durability, you can be stressless in any survival condition because the durability of any product protects itself from being ruined. So I have highlighted some of the significant and key features of the product in this Surefire Fury Intellibeam review article.

This Surefire flashlight provides dual fuel characteristics and seamless as well as automated technology that make it suitable for any challenging environment. Overall, with this versatile tactical flashlight, you can experience high as well as qualitative performance and services at a fair price. 

Before buying any product, you have to consider the benefits and detriments of that product. A wise and rational consumer always wants to make a sensible decision on purchasing a product.

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Maximum Brightness- 1500 Lumens

High lumen ensures high brightness and precise illumination. But the level of lighting or lumen can not measure a perfect balance or satisfaction because, in a 200 square feet living room, you do not need to have seven thousand lumens. Instead, it may hamper your eyes. 

With a 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, you can gain lower 15 lumens to upper 15000 lumens. On the other hand, with two 123A lithium batteries, you will experience a light output of 15-1100 lumens, which is a sign of the high brightness of a light. On the outside, in any difficult situation, this characteristic may give you an advantage. Surefire Fury Intellibeam features

Automated Technology- A Grade

If any flashlight can have automated and seamless technology, you can confidently consider that product a smart and intelligent tool. It is not always sound to have more lumens cause it may burn your retina. Before turning on the switch, a wise person always keeps this information in mind.

The exciting matter is that this surefire fury Intellibeam tactical flashlight serves the advantage of automated and seamless technology. This technology balances with any environmental condition. The light automatically adjusts its outputs from 15 lumens to 15000 lumens. So do not panic about the brightness. For operating this procedure, the flashlight uses a microprocessor and sensor.

With this excellent tactical flashlight, you can experience a dual fuel characteristic. You can use a single economical 18650 lithium-ion or two 123A lithium rechargeable batteries in this tool. This outstanding feature helps to preserve energy as well as battery. The light provides a high range of lumens during a specific period via these two batteries. 

Durability- A+

This Intellibeam tactical flashlight is very durable. It has a tail cap and a robust aerospace aluminum gesture, which can protect itself from being ruined with the help of mil-spec and complex anodized characteristics.

On the contrary, the tool contains 25200 candelas, 15 to 1500 lumens, 315-meter beam distance,10.4 x 4.1 x 1.6 inches dimensions, two CR123A or one 18650 Description Pile, 1500 Luminous Flux, and12 ounces Weight.

Overall Performance: A Grade

An important symbol of a perfect flashlight is its extended runtime. High runtime can increase the demand for that product significantly. Every rational buyer wants to have such a product that can serve for a long run time. Surefire Fury Intellibeam

This Intellibeam offers a runtime of up to forty hours. The virtually imperishable LED emitter maximizes the runtime and light output of the tool.

It is possible to experience an extended beam and qualitative performance with the Intellibeam tactical flashlight. The light provides an extensive beam with the parabolic reflector and high-performance LED. Moreover, this tool serves the facility of having a micro USB port with a rechargeable battery by which one can easily charge the flashlight. Here, you do not need to have any charging cradle. 

This tactical tool is very effective and straightforward to use. It is a pocket-size flashlight, so you can carry this device quickly and immediately anywhere. With this tool, you can instantly choose IntelliBeam mode by pressing the tail cap switch. Furthermore, you just have to turn it off and then press it again to select high output.

Surefire Fury Intellibeam- All the Pros and Cons

Let’s check some benefits and some detriments of the surefire fury Intellibeam tactical flashlight.



Final Thought: Worth the Money

A rechargeable flashlight is a handy tool for everyday life. When you want to choose one, you have to be concerned and sensible. Before buying a flashlight, you have to check and recheck the advantages and disadvantages. With the surefire fury Intellibeam tactical flashlight, you can maximize your satisfaction level at a fair cost. This torchlight will help you by providing outstanding services and long-lasting performances. This tactical tool is beneficial when you want to join any hunting, traveling, or camping trip. This versatile tool assists you in all challenging situations and makes you feel comfortable and stressless in the dark. 


What is the distance of the beam in this flashlight?

For a perfect and appropriate flashlight, the beam distance means a lot. You can enjoy a wide beam with this tactical tool. It has a 1,500-lumen output with the SF18650B battery, and the length of the beam is 315-meter.

What is the beam intensity in this tactical flashlight?

The Intellibeam tactical flashlight serves a lot more than it costs. There is a significant contribution of beam intensity to make a light quality-full. You may have a peak beam intensity of 16,700 candelas with a 18650 battery and 25,200 candelas with a 18650 battery.