If you are one of those people who love to keep their EDC flashlight and simple, then this is a great light for you. The Streamlight 73001 nano light is a reliable and bright LED light. As small as it is, it is built with machined aircraft-grade aluminum and has an anodized finish. The keychain tactical flashlight has a parabolic-shaped LED for optimizing beam performance. Also, this light is capable of providing you with light for 8 continuous hours.

Streamlight 90545 Survivor LED Flashlight

Are you looking for a survivor light? The Streamlight 90545 LED flashlight is the perfect survivor flashlight. The light uses a 3 watt Luxeon LED with a lifespan of 20,000 hours. Also, it gives you low, medium, high, and strobe modes for different light use. Constructed with the highest quality materials, the 90545 survivor light has silicone anti-coating, and it is also water-resistant. This is a great flashlight to use when there is a fire outbreak or in smoggy conditions. The white light can reach up to 379 meters.Streamlight 90545 LED flashlight

Technical Specifications of Streamlight 90545 Survivor LED Right Angle Flashlight

Features Streamlight 90545
4 Light Modes: High for a super-bright beam that pierces through smoke: 41,000-candela; 175-lumens; 405-meter beam distance; runs 4-hours
Run Time: 14,000-candela; 60-lumens, runs 15-hours
Beam distance: 237-meter
Moonlight mode: runs 20-days
IPX4 water-resistant: Yes
Safety Ratings: SGS, Division 1, Intrinsically Safe.
Switch: ‎Ultrasonic welded push-button switch
Impact-resistant, waterproof (IPX7): Yes
Weight: ‎13.1 ounces
Material: Nylon Polymer
Power Source: Battery-Powered
Price: Streamlight 90545Check Price

Made of a Borofloat high-temperature glass lens, the Streamlight 74301 is an outstanding LED light that provides the user with clear white light. The light runs on three AAA flashlight batteries, and they produce a maximum of 260 Lumens. In addition, it has a runtime of 7 hours and 30 minutes. The beam reaches over 200 meters, which is just great for outdoor light. The flashlight has a durable body and an anti-slip grip for easy handling of the flashlight. With its anti-roll head design, you will not damage the light if it falls down accidentally.

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Streamlight Nano Light Review 88860 PolyTac LED Flashlight

Built with a super-tough nylon polymer, the Streamlight 88860 PolyTech LED light is a wonderful handheld flashlight. It uses C4 LED technology and has a deep reflector for enhancing the beam. The tail cap switch is easy to operate, and you can select from the three light modes. It illuminates 600 lumens which are lower than a Streamlight ProTac HL USB flashlight.88860 PolyTac LED Flashlight

Technical Specifications of Streamlight 88860 PolyTac LED HP Flashlight with Lithium Batteries

Features Streamlight 88860
High Lumens: 600
Run Time on High: 2.75 hours
Beam distance: 297 meters
Run Time on Low: 56.00 hours
Powered by: CR123A lithium batteries (included)
Max Candela: 22,000
Removable pocket clip: Yes
Serialized for positive identification: Yes
Body Diameter: ‎1.00 in.
Length:  5.90 in.
Weight: 5.2 oz (148 grams)
Price: Streamlight 88860Check Price

The superior grip texture allows users to be comfortable when using the flashlight and the pocket clip is for easy storage. Use this super bright light for your hunting, camping, dog walking, or fishing activities.



As seen from above, Streamlight has different types of lights to offer for different uses. Also, the flashlights vary in price and size too. It doesn’t matter if you want an EDC flashlight for daily use, a weapon light for shooting practice, or a tactical flashlight for hunting; Streamlight has it all.  If you are looking for a powerful flashlight at an affordable price, then go for Streamlight over Surefire flashlight. Simply come up with a budget, type of light, and features that you want. In addition, Streamlight offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products.