Have you been looking for a versatile flashlight that you can use at work and for other outdoor activities? The Nebo Slyde LED flashlight is the light for you. Personally, I have used this flashlight and openly applaud it for its great performance both as a work light and an everyday carry flashlight. Read this Nebo Slyde Flashlight Review to know more about this.

The Nebo Slyde flashlight is among many other outstanding flashlights from the Nebo Slyde. You can use it as your everyday light or for work-related lighting needs. It features a hard-anodized construction, water & impact resistant body, bright light, magnetic base, sleek design, and a firm grip. All of this is just a fraction of the price of high-quality flashlights.

Technical Features of the Nebo Slyde LED Flashlight:


Nebo Slyde Light

Maximum Brightness: 300LM
Minimum Brightness: 35LM
Maximum run-time: 9 hours
Minimum run-time: 3 hours
Switch: 4x adjustable zoom
Body: hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
Battery Type: 4 AAA batteries
Dimension: 6.5 by 1.61 by 1.61 inches
Weight: 0.56lbs
Battery Include: Yes
Price: Nebo Slyde Flashlight ReviewCheck Price

To know more about the versatile Nebo Slyde flashlight, read this review to the end…

Nebo Slyde Flashlight Review 2023

Summary of Contents

Sleek and compact design

Before we start with this Nebo Slyde Flashlight Review, first and foremost, the Nebo Slyde flashlight is sleek and compact. Therefore, it is not a burden to carry or use in the woods or at work. Due to its compact size, storing this quality flashlight won’t be a problem at all. It has dimensions of 6.5 by 1.61 by 1.61 inches. In addition to this, it only weighs around 0.56lbs. Definitely, this is a portable flashlight that you will want to add to your camping gear, hiking gear, or attach to your pocket as you go hunting.

Hard anodized aircraft-grade aluminum

Compared to other flashlight brands, most of the Nebo lights, including Nebo Slyde king, Nebo Slyde king 2K, or Davnic, feature durable air-grade aluminum that delivers better longevity. They will last longer than the Coast tactical lights. When it comes to how solid the Nebo Slyde flashlight is created, there is no doubt that it will withstand the tough outdoor conditions or the tricky working conditions. Thanks to its hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum body, this flashlight is highly rated and can be used for outdoor purposes. Also, this sturdy construction makes it suitable for use at construction sites or even for hiking or camping.
Nebo 300 lumensCheck Price

Powerful magnetic base

If you’re in a camp, inside a tent, or on a construction site, you don’t need to hold this flashlight throughout in order for it to offer you quality lighting. The Nebo Slyde 300-lumen flashlight features a sturdy magnetic base. This magnetic base can be attached to anything for hands-free operation by simply using the rotating magnetic clip.

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Water and impact-resistant

One of the features that I love about the Nebo Slyde work light is that it can resist both water and impact. Many of the versatile flashlights on the market don’t have this capability. As a result, it is an amazing light to use in any situation, be it rainfall, cold, or even in tough conditions. If the flashlight accidentally falls in water while working at a construction site, you don’t have to worry as it will still function perfectly. This also applies if it falls on the floor accidentally.

LED bulb with a maximum of 300 Lumen

This may not be the brightest flashlight on the market, but you will still get enough bright light to brighten your path and keep you safe from hitting your foot. It has a maximum of 300 Lumens for the normal light and a maximum of 190 Lumens for the work light.

Powered by 4 AAA batteries

Another advantage of owning this flashlight is that you will have an easy time finding batteries. The 4 AAA batteries that power this flashlight are not only cheap than the rechargeable 18650 lithium ion battery, but they can also be obtained with much ease. Learn how to insert them correctly so that you do not mess with the flashlight itself. Read our FAQ below to know how to change the batteries.

Versatile light

Unlike many flashlights that come with limited uses, the Nebo Slyde LED flashlight isn’t just your ordinary flashlight. This is because it comes with a work light that is accessed by extending the flashlight’s body. The work can as well be used for camping or when there is a blackout in the house. At 190 lumens, the work light will provide you with enough light to cover a wide area. Also, it features a red light indication system that Nebo flashlight work light model doesn’t have. But for better Lumen, you should have an Imalent DN70 waterproof tactical flashlight that comes with 3800 lumens.

Anti-slide body shape

Besides being constructed with a sturdy and impact-resistance body, this flashlight also features an anti-slip body. So, in case it falls accidentally on the ground, it won’t roll.

Easy to operate the switch

Last but not least, the Nebo Slyde LED flashlight is easy to operate. It has a side switch that can be accessed with one hand. Switch on/off the light and use it for your daily lighting needs, or extend the body and access the work light.

Summary: Why buy this Nebo Slyde flashlight?

Not the brightest light on the darkest night. If you’re looking for an extremely bright light that covers a huge area, then this is not the flashlight for you. In that case, you need to consider the super-bright Peakplus or Outlite A100 flashlight model. The Nebo Slyde light covers only a small distance as its brightest mode produces only 300 Lumens.

Intermittent lighting produced. If you’re going to run up and down when using this flashlight, then you should look elsewhere. This LED flashlight switches off itself and cannot be relied on to offer continuous lighting, especially when a person is engaged in some activity.


Question: Does the light come with a warranty?
Answer: Warranty is essential for any buyer as some products come with defects. In order to get help, your product must have a warranty against defects in parts or labor. In this case, Nebo is a reliable brand and offers a one-year limited warranty. Their warranty covers defects and not common wear and tear of batteries.

Question: How do I change the flashlight batteries?
Answer: As it is not a rechargeable tactical light, so you need to change the batteries. At the bottom of the flashlight, unscrew the magnetic tail cap. Below this is another cap, unscrew it, and you will see the battery compartment. Usually, the compartment holds 4 AAA batteries. Check its orientation so that you can replace the batteries in the right order of + &. -.

Question: How long do the batteries last?
Answer: This is a good question as the manufacturer hasn’t included the run time of the batteries in different light usage. At 300 Lumens, the flashlight may last between 2-1/2 to 3 hours. While using the work light at 190 Lumens, the flashlight may last for 3 hours. If possible, you can replace the 4 AAA batteries with rechargeable 18650 batteries if you want a longer run time.

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