Is it worth buying a flashlight from Nebo? Today, many flashlight users pay attention to only the top brands, not knowing that they can still get high-quality flashlights from some less-known brands like Nebo.

If you’ve never used a flashlight from less-known brands like Nebo, then you’re missing out on something. Flashlight brands like Surefire, Fenix, ThruNite, Nitecore, and Streamlight, to name but a few, have some of the best flashlights, but they’re quite costly. That’s why trying out less famous brands like Nebo with outstanding flashlights at great prices is a bonus.

Nebo Flashlight Reviews Comparison Chart:

In this review, you will be surprised to see some of the high-quality and tactical flashlights offered by Nebo at amazing prices. They also have some interesting features that you will not find on any other flashlight brand. These are as follows:

ImageNebo Flashlight Lumens & ModesFeatures Details
(2023 Editor’s Choice)
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NEBO REDLINE RC Magnetic Base Flashlight
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Lumens: 1000
Modes: 5
  • Weight: 0.5 LBS

  • Battery: Single 18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (included)

  • Medium price
  • (Powerful Tactical Choice)
    Check Price
    NEBO Redline Blast RC Rechargeable LED Flashlight
    Read Review
    Lumens: 3200
    Modes: 4
  • Weight: 0.925 LBS

  • Battery: ‎1 Lithium ion batteries required

  • High price
  • (Best Budget Choice)
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    NEBO 300-Lumen LED Worklight Standard Flashlight
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    Lumens: 300
    Modes: 4
  • Weight: 0.7 LBS

  • Battery: 4 AAA batteries required (included)

  • Low price
  • Nebo Redline Blast RC 6697 3200 Lumen Flashlight

    The Nebo redline blast RC 6697 flashlight is one of the best tactical lights you can use. Not only is this flashlight sturdily made of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, but it is also very bright. It uses Cree LED to produce a maximum of 3200 Lumens which is higher than Fenix PD35 and Fenix LD22 tactical lights. In addition, it comes with 4 light modes to choose from, which are low, medium, high, and variable strobe. In high mode, the light runs for 2 hours, while in low mode, it runs for 50 hours.

    Technical Specifications of the Nebo Redline Blast RC 3200 Lumen LED Rechargeable Flashlight & Power Bank Bundle :

    Features Nebo Redline Blast RC 6697 3200 Lumen
    4 Light Modes: High (3200 lumens) – 2 hours / 261 meters
    Medium (320 lumens) – 4.5 hours / 82 meters
    Low (32 lumens) – 50 hours / 26 meters
    Variable Strobe (3200 lumens) – 2 hours / 261 meters
    Weight: 0.925 lbs
    Length: Compacted: 9.5” / Extended: 10.375”
    Diameter: (Head) 1.875” / (Barrel) 1.125”
    Material: ‎Aluminum
    Power Source: ‎Battery
    Color: ‎Black
    Impact-resistant, waterproof (IPX7): Yes
    Body: Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
    Price: NEBO Redline Blast RCCheck Price

    The flashlight runs on two 18650 rechargeable batteries and comes with a micro USB to USB cable for charging the batteries. This flashlight is very versatile as you can zoom it for a spotlight or floodlight for different uses. Other outstanding features include IPX7 waterproof rating, impact-resistant, glow-in-the-dark reflector, easy-to-use switch, and sleek design.

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    Nebo TWYST – Worklight, lantern, and flashlight

    If you want a versatile flashlight that you can turn into a lantern or work light, then the Nebo TWYST flashlight is for you. This sleek and compact LED flashlight features sturdy hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. It is very easy to use with its side witch and has a firm grip. The NEBO TWYST lantern flashlight is powered by AA batteries and has a long run time.

    Technical Specifications of the Nebo Redline Blast RC 3200 Lumen LED Rechargeable Flashlight & Power Bank Bundle :

    Features NEBO TWYST lantern
    Work Light: 110 Lumen
    Lantern: 250 Lumen
    Dimensions: ‎8 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches
    LED Flashlight: 3400 LUX
    Material: ‎Aluminum
    Power Source: ‎‎4 AA batteries are required. (included)
    Weight: ‎16 ounces
    Powerful magnetic base: Yes
    Body: Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum

    Whether you want a camping light, hiking light, or house lantern, the Twyst flashlight will still deliver. It is also water-resistant and impact-resistant. Therefore, it is a great outdoor rechargeable flashlight for tough conditions. One of the unique features of this flashlight is the powerful magnetic base that allows it to be attached to items for hands-free operation. Additionally, it has retractable base stabilizers that are situated on the bottom of the flashlight to offer extra stability on uneven surfaces.NEBO TWYST lantern Flashlight



    Nebo Slyde 300 Lumen Flashlight

    This flashlight is Powered by 4 AAA batteries. The Nebo Slyde flashlight is a two-in-one flashlight. It can function both as a flashlight and a work light. To access the work light, you have to extend the body of the flashlight. The flashlight features a maximum of 300 Lumens, while the work light features a maximum of 190 lumens. To have a simple time using the Nebo Slyde work light, simply attach it to a wall or any other item for hands-free operation using the rotating magnetic clip.

    Technical Specifications of the NEBO 300-Lumen LED Worklight Flashlight:

    Features Nebo Slyde 300 Lumen
    Modes: 4 Light Modes
    Weight: 8 Ounces
    Dimensions: 1.38 x 7.25 x 1.63 inches
    adjustable zoom: 4x
    Red Flash: ‎35 lumens
    Power Source:  4x AAA batteries
    Color: ‎Black
    Lanyard included: Yes
    Body: Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
    Price: NEBO 300-Lumen Check Price

    You can use this flashlight in tricky conditions like rainfall as it is water- and impact-resistant. Furthermore, the flashlight features a slip-resistant body and is very compact in design. With its versatility, this is a wonderful flashlight for a wide range of uses. From camping to hunting, dog walking to construction lights.



    Nebo Redline 5620 310 Lumen Flashlight

    This is one of my favorites among the various Nebo flashlights on this list. I love the Nebo redline 5620 because it is ideal for my tactical activities. The flashlight is sturdily constructed from hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. It can withstand different harsh conditions like rainfall and dropping. After all, it is both impact and water-resistant. You can match with this flashlight while it’s raining at night to look for your missing puppy, and it will still function outstandingly.

    Technical Specifications of the Nebo 5620 Redline Select Flashlight:

    Features Nebo redline 5620
    Maximum Lumens: 310 Lumens
    Weight: ‎‎8.8 ounces
    Dimensions: ‎5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
    Diameter: (Head) 1.875” / (Barrel) 1.125”
    Material: ‎Metal
    Power Source: ‎3 AA batteries are required. (included)
    Battery Cell Type: Alkaline
    ‎Impact Resistance: Yes
    Average Battery Life: ‎3 Hours

    The hard bezel on the front edge of the flashlight can be used to break glass or hit an assailant. In addition, the flashlight can be zoomed in or out for spot and floodlights, respectively. Apart from these features, it has a stealth ring that offers the option of blocking light from shining through the signature red ring. Also, the smart select dial makes changing the light modes to be seamless. With such exceptional features, this is an ideal light for your everyday lighting needs.



    Nebo Redline 5581 220 Lumen Flashlight

    Measuring 4.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches, the Nebo Redline 5581 LED flashlight is one of the most powerful EDC lights that you will come across. As sleek as it looks, this flashlight is very bright and durable at the same time. It is made of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum that is lightweight and lasts longer. It comes with a maximum of 220 Lumens, which is a lot for its size. So, you will be guaranteed to have a small but very bright flashlight at your disposal. The Cree LED bulb also provides you with many years of use as it is indestructible.

    Technical Specifications of the Nebo 5581 220 Lumen Redline Tactical Flashlight Strobe S.O.S:

    Features Nebo Redline 5581
    Output: 220 lumens-White
    Length: 4. 5-Inch
    Diameter: 1. 5-Inch
    Weight: 0. 428-Pound
    Material: ‎‎Aluminum
    Power Source: ‎Battery-Powered
    Color: Red
     4x adjustable beam: Yes
    Average Battery Life: ‎4 Hours

    The Nebo Redline 5581 allows the user to access different light modes such as 100 percent white light at 220 lumens, 50 percent white light at 110 lumens, 10 percent white light at 22 lumens, emergency strobe mode at 220 lumens, and SOS mode at 220 lumens. At 100 percent white light, the beam reaches up to 150 yards. You can also adjust the light by zooming in and out for flood or spotlight. It is lighter than the advanced Surefire 6PX Pro lights. Other unique features of the flashlight include weather resistance and impact resistance, a strike bezel for defense or breaking glass, a red ring, and a magnetic base.




    Question: Why does my new flashlight flash and then turn off?
    Answer: Some of the Nebo flashlights are in “Try Me” mode. This was created by Nebo for the flashlights in store so that when clients switch them on, they automatically go off after some time to save on batteries. But this can be deactivated by unscrewing the bottom tail cap. Then, you will have to unscrew another cap before accessing and removing the battery. When you have done this, leave it for around 15 seconds and then out the batteries and screw it back. Problem solved.

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    Question: Does Nebo offer a warranty on its flashlight?
    Answer: Nebo offers a warranty on all its flashlights as long as the issue is a manufacturer’s defect and not normal wear and tear of the product or battery. The company offers a one-year limited manufacturer warranty.

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