Few flashlights can provide constant light for several days without recharging. Actually, most of the flashlights will light only for a few hours before requiring to be recharged. This can be very stressful, especially if you are going out to camp for several days or over the weekend.

But this is not the case with the Klarus G20 3000 Lumen flashlight. This flashlight is powered by a high-capacity battery with 5000mAh. It can run for 6 days, which is just exceptional. This means that you can use it for the whole weekend without worrying about recharging it. These types of other two Klarus brand flashlights are 2000 lumens Klarus XT11GT light and 1600 lumens Klarus XT12GT light, which are less than 3000 lumens G20 flashlight. If you want to know more about the most popular Klarus brand flashlights, then check here. Read this Klarus G20 review article to know more about this flashlight.

Technical Features of the Klarus G20 flashlight

Features Klarus G20 rechargeable flashlight
Maximum Brightness: 3000 lumens
Minimum Brightness: 15 Lumens
Maximum Run-time: 150 hours (15 lumens)
Minimum Run-time: 45 minutes (3000 lumens)
Beam Distance: 180 Meters
Lighting Modes: 4 (15, 160, 650, 3000 lm)
Flashing Modes: 2 (160, 3000 lm)
Switch: 2 (side switch and tail switch)
Battery includes: Yes (One 26650 rechargeable battery)
Body: Aerospace Aluminum Alloy
Waterproof standard: IPX-8
Length: 124 mm
Weight: 131 grams
Warranty: Yes
Price: Klarus G20 ReviewCheck Today’s Price On Amazon

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Detail Features of the Klarus G20 flashlight

Ultra Bright Klarus G20 Flashlight Review in 2024

Besides running for many days, the G20 Flashlight is compact and sturdily built for tough conditions. It uses the latest Cree LED and has 4 light brightness modes with two special modes. Due to its small size, the flashlight is ideal for keeping in the pocket, and it won’t be a burden to carry around. Easily switch it on or off by using the tail cap switch and cycling through the modes through the side switch.

Compact and sleek flashlight

It is always a good idea to keep your luggage lightweight as you go for any outdoor activity. It doesn’t matter if it’s hiking, camping, hunting, bicycle riding, or fishing.
Klarus G20 led flashlightCheck Price

One of the tools that shouldn’t be a burden to carry is a flashlight. Get a small and compact light such as the Klarus g20 tactical flashlight. This one can be slipped into the pockets easily, and it’s not a burden to carry around. On top of that, it is lightweight, and you won’t feel any weight. Carry it using the holster or attach it to your belt by use of the lanyard.

Built to last long

Since you don’t know what to expect outdoor, it is vital to acquire a flashlight that is sturdily built for longevity. Imagine dropping a flashlight on the floor accidentally, and the next thing you see is separated parts. This is very annoying and a waste of resources. The Klarus G20 3000 Lumens light is strongly constructed of an aerospace aluminum alloy body. In addition, it has a hardened mineral glass lens with an AR coating that is scratch resistant. This protects the LED chip inside the flashlight. Even if you drop the G20 LED tactical light, it will still function well.

Versatile in use

Today’s flashlights usually come with several light modes. These help the user to use the flashlight in different ways. When you acquire the Klarus g20 light, you will have access to 4 light modes and two special modes. The light modes include low, medium, high, turbo, SOS, and strobe. The low mode runs for 150 hours, medium mode runs for 19 hours, high mode runs for 4.5 hours, and turbo mode runs for 0.75 hours. The strobe mode is normally used when in danger and if you want to disorient an assailant. On the other hand, the SOS mode is for use in emergency situations, like when you are lost and need help.

Extremely bright flashlight

If you have been looking for a small but very bright light, then you are on the right page. The G20 produces a maximum of 3000 Lumens, which is very bright. This covers a wide area with the help of the hardened lens. Hence, you can use this flashlight to light an entire room, path, or even camp. Its light is very bright and has no dark spot(s) in the middle. So, everything will be crystal clear.

Can work in extreme weather conditions

Do you intend to use the G20 LED light on a construction site, for fishing purposes, or for cycling? This flashlight will work in any extreme condition. This is because it is built for toughness. Also, it has a waterproof rating of IPX8, which means that it can be used in water or rain and still functions well. Also, it can resist the impact of up to 1 meter. As a result, if you drop it accidentally, it will still perform very well. In addition, it is corrosion and dust resistant.

Utilizes Cree XHP70 N4 LED technology

One of the great features of the Klarus G20 3000 Lumen flashlight is that it uses the latest LED technology. This is the CREE XHP70 N4 LED technology. The chip has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, and it produces white light. The chip produces a maximum of 3000 Lumens, and its maximum beam reaches up to 150 meters. This is wonderful for such a small and sleek flashlight.

Easy to use

This flashlight might be small in size, but using it isn’t a problem at all. This is because it has a dual tactical tail cap switch and a side switch. These make switching on/off the light and cycling through different light modes to be easy and fast. All you need to do is to ensure that the battery is full before switching the flashlight on.

Powered by the Klarus 26650 with 5000 mAh capacity

To start using the flashlight, you will have to insert the Klarus 26650 batteries into the battery compartment. The only issue with this flashlight is that you will have to use this type of battery-only, as it doesn’t support any other type of battery. Also, it doesn’t support any double-combinations of batteries.

Special features for greater performance

Even with its small size, this is still a quality flashlight. Klarus always emphasizes quality, and that’s why you will find special features in this light, too.
3000 lumen flashlight Klarus G20Check Price

These include battery level indicator, reverse polarity protection, and a smart ITS temperature control system. All of these ensure that the flashlight performs very well and it delivers as needed.

Additional accessories

A good thing about Klarus is that when you buy a flashlight, they include several goodies in the purchase bundle. In this case, you will get one Klarus 26650 battery, one lanyard, one Mini USB light, one holster, and one USB charging cable. You can recharge your flashlight by using the USB charging cable. Insert it in the car, PC, or from a compatible power outlet. If you have any questions after reading this Klarus G20 review, then comment below.

Klarus g20 vs. Olight r50

Find the difference between the Klarus G20 and Olight R50

Features Klarus G20 Flashlight Olight R50 Flashlight
Maximum Brightness: 3000 lumens 2500 lumens
Minimum Brightness: 15 lumens 50 lumens
Beam Distance: 150 Meters 297 Meters
Maximum Run-time:  150 hours (15 lumens) 50 hour (50 lumens)
Minimum Run-time: 0.75 hour (3000 lumens) 2.5 hours (2500 lumens)
Modes: 4 (15,160,650,3000 lm) 4 (50,300,1200,2500 lm)
Battery Include: Yes (26650) Yes (customized 26650)
Length: 124 mm 133 mm
Weight: 131 grams(w/o battery) 255 (with battery)
Price: Check Price Check Price


If you are going somewhere and need a reliable and portable flashlight, the Klarus G20 LED flashlight will be a great pick. This flashlight can operate for 6 days on just one Klarus 26650 rechargeable battery with a 5000 mAh capacity. Its brightness will surprise many as you camp or hike as it has a maximum of 3000 Lumens. Also, the G20 LED flashlight is sturdily built to last long and can be used in extreme weather conditions without fear of failure. Slide it in the pocket when not in use and get it out in the backyard at night or as you head home in the dark. I hope this Klarus g20 review post has given a clear idea about this led flashlight.

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