If you’re looking for the best flashlight to buy in 2024, go for the Gearlight s1200. In my opinion, the Gearlight s1200 is one of the best and most versatile rechargeable flashlights that you will lay your hands on. For the past 3-years, I’ve been using this light and can attest to how crucial it has helped in my different voyages and activities. Read this Gearlight S1200 Review to know more about this product.

The Gearlight s1200 affordable EDC Flashlights are durably made, super bright with feet away or zoom function, weather & shock-resistant, easy to operate, durable, and has 5 light modes. You won’t have to break the bank to get this flashlight, even with all these amazing features.

Technical Features of the Gearlight S1200 Tactical Flashlight:


GearLight High-Powered LED Flashlight S1200

Switch: Tactical Tail Switch with adjustable zoom feature
Body: High-Strength Aluminum
Battery Type: 18650 or 26650 rechargeable batteries
Dimension: 5.9 x 2 x 2 inches
Weight: 10.1 ounces
Modes: High / Medium / Low / Strobe / SOS
Battery Include: No
Price: Gearlight S1200 ReviewCheck Price


How I Review the Gearlight S1200 Flashlight:

Summary of Contents

Overall construction: Scored 90%

For me, I no longer look at flashlights in the same way that I used to when I was a kid. If a flashlight is not solidly made, I don’t even consider it. When I say solid, I mean it is made of metal, not plastic. In this GearLight S1200 review, I have found out that the s1200 rechargeable flashlight is sturdily made of a heavy-duty aluminum body. Therefore, these outdoor camping emergency flashlights can defy all tough conditions on a daily basis. This flashlight will still function perfectly, whether it is being dropped from 10 ft or being crushed on a wall. Also, the price is far lower than the Fenix TK20R, or the COAST HP7 530-lumen LED flashlight.

Light modes: Scored 95%

Since the emergence of LED bulbs, flashlights have become versatile and more durable. So, it is important that you choose a flashlight with an LED bulb if you are going to engage in outdoor activities or in high-stress activities. LEDs are indestructible and last more than 50 000 hours.

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Furthermore, the s1200 LED flashlight offers the user 5 different light modes. These play a huge role as different modes can be used for different purposes. The 5 light modes are low, medium, high, SOS, and strobe mode. Its medium mode effortlessly illuminates a whole room or yard.

Zoomable function: Scored 92%

Apart from offering the user 5 different light modes, the flashlight can also be zoomed in and out to offer a floodlight or a spotlight. This is a great feature as it allows you to perform different activities. You can use the flashlight for camping, hunting, dog walking, hiking, or even in emergencies, as it features a solid build and blinding brightness. The Ultra-wide beam effortlessly illuminates a wide range of areas. Also, the zoom feature allows you to focus directly on a single object in the dark. But for high lumens and brightness, you should use an Imalent DN70 waterproof tactical flashlight.

Safety Features: Scored 95%

Another crucial feature of the Gearlight s1200 led tactical flashlight is that it can resist both water and sock. So you can use it in rain and snow. This makes it an indispensable tool as you can use it even in tough conditions. Also, this household or emergency kit will support you in any weather conditions.
GearLight S1200 LED Tactical FlashlightCheck Price

Battery life: Scored 85%

If you intend to stay out for long at night, there is nothing to worry about, as this zoomable water-resistant handheld light will still offer light for a very long period of time. The flashlight runs for longer hours before depleting. You also have the option of either using 3 AA flashlight batteries or rechargeable 18650/26650 batteries.

Easy to operate: Scored 97%

For the many times that I needed the light on the go, this flashlight comes in handy. This S1200 mid-size zoomable flashlight is very easy to operate, and you just need to use one hand to switch it on/off and cycle through the different light modes.

Unlike other medium-sized everyday carry flashlights, the Gearlight s1200 is portable and lightweight. It won’t weigh you down as you climb uphill or chase a deer in the woods. You can easily store the flashlight in the backpack or attach it to your belt. But it is not for professional use and is not as advanced as Klarus XT11GT 2000 lumen flashlight.

Customer service: Scored 98%

Apart from offering outstanding features, Gearlight s1200 led flashlight has a wonderful customer support team, as they are always there to help customers. Most of the customers are happy with Gear light and how they support them. So, if you have any problems, get in touch with this amazing team and receive the much-needed assistance.

Besides having an amazing customer support team, Gearlight high-powered LED also offers a one-year warranty to its clients. Thus, in case you have a defective flashlight, you can always return it and get a replacement.


FAQs & Quick Fixes

Question: How many Lumens does the Gearlight S1200 come with?
Answer: This is the manufacturer has not indicated a question that many users have asked as the number of lumens. Considering the size of the flashlight and the type of bulb (LED), it uses, the Gearlight s1200 flashlight may have between 800 to 1000 Lumens. And if you look at the price, you’ll find that many flashlights in this price range usually come with 300 to 600 lumens. If you zoom out this light to sweep a large area, it performs similarly to a Fenix UC35 1000-lumen light. If you zoom in, it performs similarly to a 300-lumen camping outdoor emergency light which is enough to illuminate the whole room or backyard hundreds of feet away.

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Question: What is the battery life of this flashlight?
Answer: First of all, it depends on the type of battery that you’re using. Typically, this virtually indestructible flashlight has 3 different choices. You can use 3 AA batteries, one 26650 battery, or one 18650 battery in a flashlight. If you want to have a longer run time, then I would suggest you use 18650 or 26650 batteries. These may last more than 5 hours on high mode. But for 3 AA batteries may not last as long as rechargeable batteries.

Question: Why is the Gearlight S1200 light not turning on?
Check the battery to see if it is tightened properly. If not, then remove it and insert it again properly. Then twist on the tail cap tightly and turn the flashlight on. It will also prevent auto mode changing issues.

Question: Why is my S1000 flashlight going dim?
So it is always recommended to clean the battery once a month to prevent corrosion and extend the lifespan. I think you need a battery replacement to fix this issue. But before replacing the battery, check the LED lights. If the LED lights fail, you can avail yourself of the warranty.

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