The Fenix PD25 may be a small everyday carry flashlight, but it is still very powerful. So, if you dislike big flashlights but still want something that is bright, compact, and sturdily made, the Fenix pd25 is the best choice for you. The flashlight produces a maximum of 550 Lumens and has an easy-to-use interface. The holster, belt clip, and lanyard make keeping it to be easy. Read this Fenix PD25 review article to know more about this led flashlight.

Technical Features of the Fenix PD25 Flashlight:


Fenix PD25 EDC Flashlight

Maximum Brightness: 550 lumens(16340) / 400 lumens(CR123A)
Minimum Brightness: 5 Lumens(16340) / 5 lumens(CR123A)
Maximum Run-time: 100 hours(16340) / 53 hours(CR123A)
Minimum Run-time: 35 minutes(16340) / 1 hour 10 min.(CR123A)
Beam Distance: 130 Meters
Modes: 4
Low-voltage warning Yes
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Battery includes: Yes (one CR123A Lithium battery)
LED: Cree XP-L V5
Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum
Waterproof standard: IPX-8 (underwater 2 meters)
Length: 93 mm
Weight: 47 grams
Impact resistance
1 meter
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Summary of Contents

My Review: Important points to note before buying

With the Fenix PD25, you will never hit your leg on the pavement again in the dark, as it will illuminate your path. Also, you can keep it in the car and use it to change a burst car tire at night. The 5 light modes make the flashlight to be very convenient to use, and it has an indestructible LED chip.

A great flashlight should be easy to handle and keep. This is a tool that you intend to carry on a daily basis, and that’s why it needs to be of a compact design and not a burden to have. You should be able to keep it in your pocket or easily attach it to your belt as it is small enough to fit. Also, it should be strongly built to survive tough outdoor conditions. Above all, the flashlight should be very bright to excellently illuminate your path while in the dark. Depending on what you are going to use the flashlight for, you can select a tactical, EDC, or keychain flashlight.

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Fenix PD25 Flashlight Product specifications



Features and benefits of the Fenix PD25 LED flashlight

Dual switch

The dual switch on this flashlight makes using it to be easy. It has a tactical tail cap switch for momentary-on function and a side switch on the head for output selection.
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The side switch is for cycling through different light modes.

Durable aircraft-grade aluminum construction

There is no doubt that this is a sturdy flashlight. Made of durable aircraft-grade hard aluminum, you can be certain to utilize this flashlight for a very long period of time. The flashlight comes with Reverse polarity protection with a spare o ring. It will protect your light from improper battery installation. Also, the body is anti-roll and slip-resistant.

Build for tactical use

Not only is this flashlight strongly built for long-term use, but it can as well survive tough terrains, droppings, water, dust, and corrosion. This is because it’s waterproof up to 2 meters and for 30 minutes. Also, it can resist the impact of up to 1 meter.

It has four output modes + Strobe mode

With low, medium, high, turbo, and strobe modes, you will never be out of light options. You will get a bright visual on turbo mode. But for constant brightness, it is recommended to use it on high/medium mode to get better battery life. The strobe mode comes in handy when you are attacked, as it blinds the enemy.

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Powered by one 16340 rechargeable Li-ion or 3v CR123A battery

You have the choice of using one of the two batteries above. If you want a very powerful and bright light, you should use the rechargeable 16340 Li-ion battery. It is a high-performance battery, and your light will run for long hours.

Low-voltage warning function

When your battery percentage is low, a warning light will come on to let you know that you need to recharge it. Use the USB or charger included for recharging the flashlight.

Reverse polarity protection

Even if you insert the battery in the wrong way in the battery compartment, no damage will occur to the flashlight. This is because it has a reverse polarity protection feature that will prevent any damage from taking place.

Powerful flashlight

The light produced by this flashlight is outstanding. If you are in a very dark area and want very bright light, you can cycle the light to high or turbo light mode.
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Also, you should use 16340 rechargeable Li-ion batteries for very bright light. If you need a more powerful flashlight, then Fenix pd35 tac could be your choice.


The CREE XP-L LED chip has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, and it is indestructible. The LED as well produces white light, which is reflected on the toughened ultra-clear glass lens to produce an excellent beam that reaches up to 130m. Also, it features over-heat protection that keeps your flashlight from overheating.

Fenix PD25 vs. Olight S1 vs. Streamlight vs. Fenix LD12

Features Fenix PD25 Olight S1 (Baton 3) Streamlight ProTac HPL Fenix LD12
Maximum Brightness: 550 lumens 1200 lumens 1000 lumens 320 lumens
Minimum Brightness: 5 Lumens 0.5 lumen 65 lumens 5 Lumens
Maximum Run-time: 100 hours 20 days 20.00 hours 50 hours
Minimum Run-time: 35 minutes 1.5 minutes 1.5 hours 50 Minutes
Beam Distance: 130 Meters 166 meters 374 meters 135 meters
Modes: 4 5+Strobe 3+ Strobe 4+Strobe
Battery: One CR123A 550mAh IMR16340 CR123A AA/14500
Length: 93 mm 63 mm 180 mm 102.5mm
Weight: 47 grams 53 grams 262 grams 56 grams

Final Thoughts

The Fenix PD25 LED flashlight is a great everyday carry light. It is sturdily built and compact in design. With a maximum of 550 Lumens, this flashlight produces a lot of light that will brighten your path or room. It is also powered by rechargeable batteries and has 5 different light modes, including a strobe mode. If you are a driver, hunter, cyclist, or hiker looking for a small and reliable flashlight, the Fenix PD25 LED flashlight is a good choice. That’s it in this Fenix pd25 review article.

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