Since I started backpacking, I’ve used different kinds of flashlights and got different results. Some flashlights have been very annoying, while others have performed exceptionally well. With such an experience, I have decided to share with you one of the best flashlights that I’ve come across. This is the Coast  HP7 LED flashlight. Even if it doesn’t have lots of features, the HP7 LED Coast flashlight is reliable and powerful. It has come to my rescue a lot of times, and I would highly recommend it to other flashlight lovers or backpackers. Read this Coast HP7 Review to know more about this.Coast HP7 Review

When you are going out there, you don’t need to have the most expensive or best flashlight on the market. But it would help if you had a flashlight that you can rely on when the need arises. HP7 has been that flashlight for me. The durably constructed flashlight is both impact and water-resistant. It is very easy to operate with its pure beam focusing system. The flashlight is powered by 4X AAA batteries, which are cheap and easy to find. So, you can never worry about recharging your flashlight as these batteries can be found almost everywhere around the world.

Technical Features of the Coast HP7 Flashlight:


COAST HP7 530 Lumen Focusing LED Flashlight

Maximum Brightness: 530 lumens
Minimum Brightness: 70 lumens
Maximum runtime: 19 hours
Minimum runtime: 1hour 45 minutes
Focus Type: Slide Focus
Max beam distance: 226 meters
Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum
Battery Type: 4 X AAA
Waterproof: Yes
Dimension: 6.7 x 3.4 x 3 inches
Weight: 7 ounces
Modes: Medium / Low / High output
Battery Include: Yes
Price: Coast HP7 ReviewCheck Price

This flashlight offers 3 different light modes, which are low, medium, and high light modes. I used these light modes for different purposes. Also, the flashlight can function for 19 hours on a low mode and 1 hour 45 minutes on a high mode. It is also lightweight, and I didn’t feel any burden carrying it in my pocket. However, it is slightly bigger than the typical EDC flashlights. Read on to find more about my experience with the Coast HP7 flashlight.

Coast HP7 flashlight Review 2023

Summary of Contents

The sturdy construction

One of the most appealing features of the Coast HP7 flashlight is that it is sturdily constructed. Made of aluminum alloy, HP7 is a flashlight that you will rely on for many years. Moreover, the flashlight has an anti-roll tail cap that prevents it from rolling when placed on the surface or when it accidentally falls on the ground. The grip of this flashlight provides the user with a firm grip, and one can handle it in different weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if the weather is cold or hot. I have used this flashlight in rainfall, and it is still delivered. Also, the flashlight is lightweight as its weight is only 7.2 ounces.Coast HP7 flashlight

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The indestructible LED

Another great feature of this outstanding LED flashlight is its indestructible LED. The indestructible LED bulb cannot be easily spoiled even when the flashlight is dropped. The LED light produces an excellent white light. The flashlight features two light output moods. It also has more than 50,000 hours of run time and can function for at least 5-years.

Pure beam focusing optic

The Coast HP7 flashlight offers its users excellent technology, which is the pure beam focusing system. The feature is not found in the Olight S1A Flashlights. This feature allows the user to slide focus and illuminate either a very wide flood beam or spot mode with transition halo at different distances and brightness. So, if you want a beam lock, you can access it with a snap of your thumb. Also, you can quickly change the focus from spot to flood by simply twisting the neck. This is not like other flashlights where you have to pull or push the head of the flashlight to access the spotlight or floodlight.

Bright light and great coverage

When it comes to offering brightness, this is a quality flashlight that you can rely on. During my backpacking trips, I usually use this flashlight as a lamp as it can be placed on its tail cap. As a result, you don’t need a lamp or candle to provide you with light. Also, it is very powerful and bright. The flashlight produces a maximum of 360 Lumens, and the maximum beam covers up to 226 meters higher than the Peakplus super bright led tactical flashlight. This is outstanding for such a wonderful light.

Three light modes

Coast offers great products at a very affordable price. Another reason why I prefer this flashlight over some quality brands is that it comes with 3 light modes. These are low, medium, and high light modes. The highest light output mode uses 360 Lumens and runs for 19 hours. At the same time, the low light mode uses 50 Lumens and runs for 1 hour and 45 minutes. The low light mode can be used for reading the map or reading a book. The highest light mode can be used to light dark places or even help you search for a lost item. But it would be best if you didn’t use it for long as it will drain your battery quickly.
COAST HP7 530 LumenCheck Price

Compact and lightweight design

The Coast HP7 flashlight is compactly designed for easy handling. It fits perfectly well in my hands, and I can hold it easily due to its firm grip. Also, the flashlight is lightweight, and carrying it isn’t a burden at all. You can keep the flashlight in its case or slip it in the pockets. But due to its size, it is difficult to slip into tight jeans, especially female jeans.

Impact and water-resistant

Whether you live in a dusty area or a place where rainfall is the order of the day, this flashlight will still deliver. I have used this flashlight in rainfall and even in snow conditions. Also, I have dropped this flashlight several times, but it didn’t stop working.Coast HP7 Flashlight

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One-handed operation

Using this flashlight is a breeze as it can be operated with just one hand. It has a tactical tail cap switch which allows you to switch on/off the flashlight with much ease. Also, the focus beam system allows you to continue using your other hand as you slide the focus to flood or spotlight.


Coast products are cheap and ideal for everyday use. With such amazing features, the Coast HP7 flashlight is sold at a very great price. This is great for people who are looking for a quality light at a great price. It is less costly than Klarus G20 and Nitecore P12GT compact tactical LED flashlights. For all the flashlights that I have acquired at this price, this is the best I’ve had so far.

Lifetime warranty

The coast is not only a reliable brand, but it also has one of the best customer services. In addition, the brand offers a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. All you need is to fill the warranty form.

Summary: Why should I choose the Coast HP7 Flashlight?

Cons of the HP7 Flashlight

I wouldn’t recommend this flashlight for a person looking for a versatile flashlight like the Imalent DX80 32000 lumens flashlight. This is because it doesn’t have special modes apart from the 3 light modes.

Rigorous process filling the warranty form.

The process of filling the warranty form is very rigorous, and you might end up giving up the entire procedure. The Coast brand should make this process simple and quick.


After reading so many Coast HP7 reviews and two years of constant use, I can gladly say that Coast HP7 is one of the best flashlights for outdoor use. It is not a rechargeable LED  flashlight. It is powered by 4 X AAA batteries which are very easy to find, and they can run for 19 hours. The batteries are included with this model, so you don’t need to buy them separately.  The HP7 is compactly designed with a nice grip for easy handling. It is impact-resistant and waterproof, which makes it ideal for different weather conditions. It is also corrosion-free as it has a nice finish. This flashlight can be utilized by campers, hikers, mountaineers, cyclists, emergency responders, and other outdoor enthusiasts. With a lifetime warranty, you can definitely rely on this flashlight in all weather conditions.

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